Advanced 21 Blackjack

Advanced 21 Blackjack для Windows Phone
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Категория: Игры
Издатель: Crafted By Irish
Цена: Бесплатно
Обновлено: 11.03.2013
Требуется: Windows Phone 7.5 или новее
Русский язык: нет

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Описание Advanced 21 Blackjack

Blackjack in a more advanced form, now available on Windows Phone! Advanced 21 is the most realistic way to play Blackjack without having to set foot into a casino.  With comedic sound effects and smooth animations, you won’t be bored at this Blackjack table.

Email me with Comments/Concerns/Suggestions from the Customer Service Menu in game. Change history and new features found in game.

Major Features:
- Specify a deck shoe size (1 to 8 decks)
- Play multiple hands/positions
- Play with Artificial Intelligence Players (up to 5 additional players)
- Two modes (Realistic and Simulation)
- Strategy Guide Chart
- Virtual bank account that gets $100 per day (even when not playing. Used in Realistic Mode only)
- Statistics and history of play page
- Players Club Points allowing you to purchase new features and graphics
- Over 60 achievements to build your Players Club Points.

Customize your play style with options like:
- Deck shoe size from 1 deck to 8
- Different card back colors
- Auto rebet and auto stand options
- Control where A.I. Players sit or let the system handle it automatically
- Allow or disallow DDAS
- Specify if the dealer hits or stands on soft 17
- Enable Simulation Mode and give yourself money anytime and set the dealer to easy mode

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