ARMED! для Windows Phone
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Категория: Игры
Издатель: Sickhead Games LLC
Цена: 104 руб.
Обновлено: 25.10.2012
Версия: 1.8.1371.7105
Требуется: Windows Phone 7 или новее
Русский язык:

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Описание ARMED!

ARMED! is a sci-fi turn-based multiplayer strategy game for Windows Phone created by indie studio, Sickhead Games.  Part RTS, part tabletop strategy, ARMED! puts you in command of a fleet of futuristic tanks, turrets, and robots with one mission: infiltrate enemy territory, crush their forces, and destroy their headquarters.  Play ranked head-to-head games against online opponents, challenge your friends to a correspondence game, or battle the AI in single player mode.

• Five maps with unique artwork and tactical terrain features.
• 12 offensive and defensive units to command into battle.
• Over 50 unit upgrades and special attacks to help turn the tide.
• Simultaneous turn online multiplayer with ratings and matchmaking.
• Play custom multiplayer matches against friends.
• Step by step tutorial that gets you right into the game.
• Tile updates with turn notifications.
• Track your rankings on the real time leaderboards.
• Multiplayer profiles with match history and statistics.
• Ad supported trial with free online multiplayer.

Go ahead... get ARMED!


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