Ragdoll Run

Ragdoll Run для Windows Phone
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Категория: Игры
Издатель: Dawnbreak Studios
Цена: Бесплатно
Обновлено: 03.05.2013
Версия: 2.0
Требуется: Windows Phone 7.5 или новее
Русский язык: нет

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Описание Ragdoll Run

Easy to pick up. Impossible to put down.

Dawnbreak Studios presents a mind blowing new take on free-runners. Venture into a spectacular world of ragdolls and compete against the whole world online! Thanks to the colorful 3D graphics and intuitive gesture based game-play, this is the perfect game for both children and adults.

Swipe up to jump. Swipe down when on green blocks to rotate the stage. Now you are good to go!

Choose a character and start running! We will add new ragdolls continuously in updates. All ragdolls have different abilities, guaranteeing different playstyles.

High resolution 3D graphics in 60 FPS serves a visually stunning experience and the playful art-style makes Ragdoll Run stand out from the competition.

Want to compete locally on your phone or against the whole world online? Or take part in Ragdoll Runs weekly challenges? It's all your choice.

Возможности Ragdoll Run:
*High res 3D Graphics in 60 FPS
*Unlock able characters
*New level on every play
*Online leader board
*Intuitive gesture based controls
*Soundtrack by Alexander Darland

Новое в Ragdoll Run 2.0:

*Added unified currency "Ragdollars" (Collected coins and jewels will be automatically converted to RD)
*Your total score from every race will now earn you Ragdollars
*Added In-game shop "Ragshop"
*Added 24(!) new costumes for characters in the Ragshop
*Added 2 new In-game backgrounds in the Ragshop
*Added 3 new wallpapers (lock-screens) for your phone in the Ragshop
*Changed the unlock criteria for Cookie, Flurry, Papa Joe, Snorre and Jolly
*Changed the value of Coins
*Changed the value of Jewels
*Balanced Chicky's ability "Easter Egg"
*Added new icon to Ragdoll Run


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