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Network Dashboard

Network Dashboard для Windows Phone
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Категория: Инструменты и работа
Издатель: Purity Consulting
Цена: 34 руб.
Обновлено: 08.11.2011
Версия: 2.1
Требуется: Windows Phone 7.5 или новее
Русский язык:

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Описание Network Dashboard

Network Dashboard предоставляет быстрый доступ к некоторым настройкам вашего Windows Phone. Тапните на плитке и вы быстро поменяете нужный параметр. Тапните и задержите палец на иконке, чтобы закрепить ее на рабочем столе.

REMINDER: When using settings tiles pinned to your start screen, use your Back key to return to start, NOT your Start key. If you don't, your live tiles will get out of sync and any reminders (Paid version) may not work properly.

Version 2.1:
NOTE: To properly support multiple locales, we have changed how reminder times are stored. This may have caused your reminders to become disabled. Please check your settings.
NEW: Added new language support. This release contains English, French, Italian and Spanish. You will need to launch Network Dashboard to make any pinned tiles update their language.
NEW: Added a new Live Tile style called "Text" ... it is a scaled down live tile with the status in the upper right corner in text.
NEW: Added an "Other Tiles" settings option to give users the ability to change the Bluetooth and Airplane Mode tile styles.
NEW: Added a toggle to the live tiles pivot item in the settings screen to allow users to configure whether the background sync task runs or not.
FIXED: If the background agent was disabled Network Dashboard would not start properly.
FIXED: Network Dashboard was not properly reading in the current setting of Live Tile style, so if the user accessed the setting screen it would not show the current setting properly.


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